Friday, February 28, 2014


ISDEV three-day academic meeting has concluded successfully today, Alhamdulillah. The first day, on Wednesday February 26th, saw the presentation of four PhD research proposals by four ISDEV PhD students; on the second day Thursday February 27th, three PhD theses presentations by three respective PhD students as mentioned in the earlier posting; and today, Friday February 28th, the ISDEV Director's Tarbiyyah and a lecture on Problem Statements by ISDEV Deputy Director Dr Zakaria Bahari.

About 100 ISDEV students came from inside and outside Malaysia, including from Dubai, to gather at the three-day meeting.

In the Director's Tarbiyyah today, I talked about Magnetic Institution as ISDEV should be. Magnetic Institution here means an institution which are able to attract as many people - scholars, students, researchers, et. cetera - as possible, via an energetic power. The engine of the power is the high accomplishment in every aspect, academically and socially. The academic aspect may include a quality high academic performance while the social aspect may include conducive entertaining academic atmosphere with good attitude (akhlak). All could be portrayed via blog and website as well as by individuals' perception and promotion.

To some extent, ISDEV already posseses such a power though still much to be desired, proven by what ISDEV has attained so far. But I alerted ISDEV fraternity that in having such a power, one has to attract the people to ISDEV as an institution (read jemaah), not to indviduals or moreover to a group within ISDEV. The former may strengthen ISDEV further while the later may break ISDEV into pieces.

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