Friday, August 09, 2013


Wishing all a happy prosperous Eid-ul-Fitr, with apologies for all my weaknesses and mistakes.

As usual I received Eid-ul-Fitr wishes from as far as Pakistan, Tunisia and Turkey through all sorts of communication gadgets - telephonic calls, emails, sms, whatsapp, electronic cards etc., Alhamdulillah. Many thanks to all wishers for your rememberance, wishes, and prayers.

In general, the wishes I received could be divided into two categories. First, personal wish (meant only for me), and second, common wish (meant for all at once, a kind of a 'wholesale' wish). Both are okay, but you could sense to what extent the wishers feel close to you. The first category of wishers would probably feel closer, and perhaps has a feeling of higher degree of speciality towards you as compared to the second category wishers.

The first category this year surprisingly includes a Chinese friend who was a car agent and now a property business man, while the second category consists of many ISDEV graduate students, including a handful of my former and present graduate students themselves.

But worst still, there is a group of non-wishers, that is the ISDEV members who do not even send you a wish, in spite of my persistent insistence that one of the ISDEV strength is the brotherhood/sisterhood (ukhwah). This group sends a clear message that a lot more need to be done to change them. Indeed, to date, I still fail to do so. Oh Allah, forgive me for my inability and weaknesses.


On the request of my wife and children, I celebrated my Eid-ul-Fitr with them in my hometown this year, in Kuala Besut - recently suddenly becoming a popular spot because of its By-Election. I was told by relatives that during the Election, development promises and charities were pouring generously unto the previously ignored Kuala Besut, while the poor and the needy were given enormous attention with extension of  monetary and material asistance. Ask what you need, and the need is fulfilled.

One of the worrying promises made by the winner, amongst other promises, was to turn Kuala Besut into an international tourist attraction. I could clearly imagine what will happen to the people of Kuala Besut, culturally, socially and economically, as what has been happening to the people of almost all other tourist attractions all over the globe, the nearest to Kuala Besut is Perhentian Island. Read the research report done by Dr Ramli of Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA), and one would surprise to know the destructive impact of tourism unto the people of the Island, and in fact to the people of Kuala Besut themselves as the gateway to the Island, not only culturally and socially, but moreover religiously.

If the winner is serious in developing Kuala Besut through the international tourism, it is not too late to plan a different kind of prosperous tourist attraction in Kuala Besut minus its destructive impact, by strengthening people's religious belief and local cultures. Let the international tourists absorb into and assimilate with the local religion and cultures, rather than the other way round, as has been happening in the Perhentian Island. ISDEV is prepared to help, InshaAllah.

Sunday, August 04, 2013


I was 59 years old four days ago. Wishes and prayers poured in via handphone, emails and facebooks as early as 0000 on the day - the 1st August. Ummu was the first to wish, followed by wife and other children. Wishes and prayers from colleagues, friends and students began to reach me, some with presents, as early as 0500 in the early morning. It was a happy moment indeed. Many thanks everybody.

Now, at the age of 59, I have just another year left to serve the University. I am thankful to God that at the end of my carrier, ISDEV has been recognised by the top management of the University to be able to become a Centre of Excellence. The Council of the School of Social Sciences has approved it. Now I am waiting to seek Senate's approval at its meeting on 22 August.

May Allah SWT guides ISDEV to become what He pleases. If the Centre of Excellence may become an avenue to His pleasure and eventually to His Jannah, I really pray that it becomes a reality. I will be the most happiest person. After striving to prove the accomplishment of excellence through Islam for almost the whole duration of my carrier, about 32 years till now, it is now starting to be seen by many, Ahamdulillah. But if the Centre of Excellence leads ISDEV otherwise, I am prepared to see ISDEV to remain as it is now. I am sure so are other ISDEV members. What we are striving for is the pleasure of Allah SWT (mardhatillah). We leave it to Allah SWT to decide for Allah SWT knows the best for us.

Saturday, August 03, 2013



The announcement for the call for papers for the 8th ISDEV International Graduate Workshop (INGRAW) has came out, Alhamdulillah. Details are avalaible at

INGRAW is one of the main annual events of ISDEV, apart from the Worksyop Antarbangsa Pembangunan Islam (WAPI), International Conference on Islamic Development (ICID), and the ISDEV International Conference on Islamic Development Management (IDMAC).

WAPI and ICID are held every April in Medan, Indonesia with the cooperation of Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara and ISDEV North Sumatera Chapter of ISDEV Students and Alumni Union (IPA-ISDEV SU). INGRAW and IDMAC are held every October and December respectively at Universiti Sains Malaysia.

WAPI and INGRAW are meant for postgraduate students while ICID for contemporary issues, and IDMAC for research-based deliberations.

All are cordially invited to participate.