Sunday, August 04, 2013


I was 59 years old four days ago. Wishes and prayers poured in via handphone, emails and facebooks as early as 0000 on the day - the 1st August. Ummu was the first to wish, followed by wife and other children. Wishes and prayers from colleagues, friends and students began to reach me, some with presents, as early as 0500 in the early morning. It was a happy moment indeed. Many thanks everybody.

Now, at the age of 59, I have just another year left to serve the University. I am thankful to God that at the end of my carrier, ISDEV has been recognised by the top management of the University to be able to become a Centre of Excellence. The Council of the School of Social Sciences has approved it. Now I am waiting to seek Senate's approval at its meeting on 22 August.

May Allah SWT guides ISDEV to become what He pleases. If the Centre of Excellence may become an avenue to His pleasure and eventually to His Jannah, I really pray that it becomes a reality. I will be the most happiest person. After striving to prove the accomplishment of excellence through Islam for almost the whole duration of my carrier, about 32 years till now, it is now starting to be seen by many, Ahamdulillah. But if the Centre of Excellence leads ISDEV otherwise, I am prepared to see ISDEV to remain as it is now. I am sure so are other ISDEV members. What we are striving for is the pleasure of Allah SWT (mardhatillah). We leave it to Allah SWT to decide for Allah SWT knows the best for us.

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