Friday, August 09, 2013


Wishing all a happy prosperous Eid-ul-Fitr, with apologies for all my weaknesses and mistakes.

As usual I received Eid-ul-Fitr wishes from as far as Pakistan, Tunisia and Turkey through all sorts of communication gadgets - telephonic calls, emails, sms, whatsapp, electronic cards etc., Alhamdulillah. Many thanks to all wishers for your rememberance, wishes, and prayers.

In general, the wishes I received could be divided into two categories. First, personal wish (meant only for me), and second, common wish (meant for all at once, a kind of a 'wholesale' wish). Both are okay, but you could sense to what extent the wishers feel close to you. The first category of wishers would probably feel closer, and perhaps has a feeling of higher degree of speciality towards you as compared to the second category wishers.

The first category this year surprisingly includes a Chinese friend who was a car agent and now a property business man, while the second category consists of many ISDEV graduate students, including a handful of my former and present graduate students themselves.

But worst still, there is a group of non-wishers, that is the ISDEV members who do not even send you a wish, in spite of my persistent insistence that one of the ISDEV strength is the brotherhood/sisterhood (ukhwah). This group sends a clear message that a lot more need to be done to change them. Indeed, to date, I still fail to do so. Oh Allah, forgive me for my inability and weaknesses.

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srisahara said...

Yes, Eid ul- Fitr is the best moment to ask apologies. For people who want to celebrate the moment as well as take vacation, Brunei is the best place to spend Eid ul-Fitr.