Wednesday, February 19, 2014


During a lapse of six days, I was with two Islamic university colleges; first with Islamic University College of Selangor (KUIS) and second, with Islamic University College of Melaka (KUIM).

I was at KUIS on Thursday February 13 to fulfill an invitation to deliver two lectures on Academic Mentoring to its senior lecturers (those working at KUIS for more than 10 years). The first lecture entitles "Mentoring: Pros and Cons", while the second "Mentoring: ISDEV Experience".

I was amazed with the sincerity of the lecturers to gather experience, and touched to see three quarter of the KUIS' mosque was filled with lecturers and students performing zohor congregational prayer at the mosque; moreover to see students registering at a table outside the mosque after the prayer to break Thursday supplementary fast congregationally at the mosque later in the evening by just paying RM2.00 each. Brief fard 'ain lecture before zohor prayer and tazkiyah before the breaking of fast were also held. I came to understand that the time of the zohor and so are other congregational prayers is adjusted according to the completion of lectures, hence the ability of the substantial number of the jemaah to perform congregational prayer at the mosque.

Later, on Tuesday February 18, ISDEV was visited by an entourage of 6 lecturers and 43 students of KUIM specialising in Islamic Development Management. It was a great happy moment to receive the entourage that resulted from my participation in developing an undergraduate Islamic Development Management programme at the University. It was about two years ago when I was appointed by KUIM as an Advisory Panel to develop the programme. The programme was well-received and the students of the programme now have increased to more than 160, Alhamdulillah. They are ISDEV potential Master students and KUIM could definitely become a feeder for ISDEV future postgraduate students, InshaAllah.

During the visit too a letter of my appointment as a Visiting Lecturer for the programme was officially delivered by the head of the entourage, Dean Dr Nazli. I am also indebted to Musliha, our ISDEV Alumni who is a lecturer of the KUIM Islamic Development Management programme and the organiser of the visit. I am so happy that the ISDEV Alumni is playing her role in serving Islam and Allah SWT.

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