Saturday, February 08, 2014


Time is running fast indeed. Just realised it has been about four months since I last wrote in this blog.

Recalling and analysing activities undertaken in such a long time is definitely impossible. Too many to recall and too much to analyse.

Ones that I could remember clearly are my trip to Rome and Paris, frequent visits to Brunei, upgrading process of ISDEV to a Centre of Excellence (CoE), and the design of ISDEV Complex, first near the Co-Curriculum Centre and later beside the Harapan Lake in USM Penang campus.

All relates very much to endeavours in exhibiting the beauty of Islam and the dynamics of its systems.

I talked about the need of an Islamic Research Methodology in Rome, strengthening Islamic networkings in Brunei, intensifying Islamic excellence via the upgrading of ISDEV to a CoE in USM, and realising the dynamics of waqf via the construction of ISDEV Complex beside the Lake.

May Allah SWT bless and help us all, Insha-Allah.

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