Thursday, February 27, 2014


Alhamdulillah, how please one is to witness his students getting a nod to submit their theses for examination.

It is exactly what I feel right now - at the Thesis Presentation which is in progress at the moment at University Conference Hall, USM - witnessing Wan Norhaniza Wan Hassan, Mohd Syakir Mohd Rosdi, and Razali Othman given a nod by their respective PhD theses reviewers to proceed with the submission of their theses for examination.

It is a tradition at ISDEV for students to present their theses and reviewed by lecturers before they are allowed to submit their theses to be examined by their examiners. The tradition helps the students to polish their theses and ensures a high standard of the theses. Indeed it is one of the secrets of the high rate of the accomplishment of flying colours of ISDEV students, apart from serious but entertaining private and collective supervisions prior to the thesis presentation.

Wan Norhaniza works on the Index of Islamic-Based Development, while Mohd Syakir on Tahaluf Siyasi in Islamic Political Economy and Razali on Cash Waqf Revisited. Few weeks before, another PhD student of mine, Suraya Ismail who was working on the Thought of the Members of Shari'ah Advisory Council of Islamic Banking in Malaysia has passed with flying colours. Few more are in the pipeline; apart from the three above, are Shahir Akram Hassan who is working on Mantiq for Islamic Research Methodology and Farid Wajdi on the Law, Administration and Use of Halal Logo in Indonesia.

All in all, ISDEV is expected to graduate about 10 students this year, including Wan Anisah who will be facing her viva on 12 March, and Raziah Mohd Tahir, Radieah Mohd Noor and Helmi who are waiting for their viva voce at anytime now.

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