Tuesday, March 04, 2014


I am on four days leave, beginning today till Friday February, the 7th. The aim is not to have a rest, but instead to be away from office to read and examine a few Phd theses.

They have been back-logged for quite sometimes and I  now realise that I could not do it in the midst of the normal office routines. I need to really concentrate on them with less interruption, away from the academic crowds though still accessible via phones and messages if there is any urgent matter that need my attention and action.

I feel very guilty indeed to hold the theses, for as my wife continuously remind me, they are the future of the students. It is indeed unwise to keep the future of the students standstill, which otherwise could have been moving forward earlier if they have passed their PhD.

Oh Allah, forgive me for my weakness. I pray that the students are able to defend their theses in near forthcoming weeks when my reading of the theses are completed, InshaAllah.

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