Saturday, March 15, 2014


This morning, after having my breakfast, the lady owner of the nasi kandar stall asked me: "What do you think of the MH370? Can you guess where is it now?".

My spontaneous answer is simple: "Only Allah knows, I do not know. If I were to draw an analysis from various analyses, you and I will be more confused. But if you still insist on my opinion, I firstly need to know in which side you are. If you are on opposition, the analysis would be different from the analysis for a pro-establishment".

We ended our conversation with a laugh.

Indeed, it is unwise to guess and manipulate, moreover to analyse and disseminate uncertain news based on unconfirmed information. Yes, it may enhance our mental gymnastic exercises, but reflecting on and asking for Allah's forgiveness for everything that our country in general and MAS in particular have gone wrong is a better wiser endeavour.

In so doing, two that I can think of, of what MAS has gone wrong. Firstly, the providence of alcohol on board, and secondly, the unIslamic uniform of the stewardess. If Royal Brunei Airline and few Middle-Eastern airlines can survive without alcohol and sexy stewardess, why can't MAS?

Unfortunately, let alone eliminating the alcohol service and changing the unIslamic uniform of the stewardess, the stewardess of AirAsia and Malindo that followed are having even a sexier uniform, definitely with the approval of the Malaysian authorities. What have gone wrong seems to be intensified, not avoided at all.

And now we ask Allah for help without repenting? Allah has helped Prophet Yunus from the big fish (nun) and forgave him due to his repentance. We too, in praying for the safety of MH370 and its passengers, should have done the same, that is performing both the solatuh-taubah and solatul-hajat. 

Solatul-hajat alone without the solatuh-taubah is insufficient. Firstly we need to ask Allah for forgiveness for what MAS and the Malaysian authorities have done wrong thus the necessity to return to the right path; and secondly to ask Allah for help for Allah is our Sole Almighty Helper. As Captain Nuruddin was saying: "science is a creation, while Allah is the Creator". Seek the Creator's help in solving the problem of the creations, within a pure intimate Creator-creations relationship.

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