Friday, February 24, 2012


Done a little work towards the end of the Vancouver-Hong Kong journey, after a long sleep

Alhamdulillah, we have landed at Hong Kong International Airport at 0720, after about 13+ hours journey on the air. The date turned fast on the air, from 23 February to 24 February. It is already 24 February today when we landed at Hong Kong, even though when we departed from Vancouver International Airport, it was 0210 of 23 February.

It was a tiring journey indeed, not because of the early morning schedule, but because of our tiring schedules and the cool and raining weather in Vancouver. We spent most our time on the plane sleeping.

We will be here at the Hong Kong International Airport for about 8 hours. We do not go out of the airport for a city sightseeing. We were told that the city is quite far and we are not familiar with the public transport. We are afraid that we do not have enough time to go around and could not come back to the airport on time.

Our flight to Penang will be at 1520 and will be landing at Penang Inernational Airport at 1900, InshaAllah.

Working at the resting lounge of the Hong Kong International Airport, while waiting for the 1520 flight to Penang

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