Saturday, February 18, 2012


L-R: Dr Fadzila Azni Ahmad, myself, and Dr Zahri Hamat at Penang International Airport
I am, together with Dr Zahri Hamat and Dr Fadzila Azni Ahmad of ISDEV, are at Hong Kong International Airport at the moment. We are on our way to Vancouver, Canada, to participate in Spirituality and Religion in Society Conference at British Columbia University.

I will be presenting a paper at the Conference entitled "Spirituality and the New Form of Poverty Management", while Dr Zahri Hamat's paper entitled "The Zakat Funds and Non-Muslims in Malaysia", and Dr Fadzila Azni Ahmad entitled "The Mis-emphasis of Total Quality Management in the Management of Islamic Development Institutions".

We arrived here at the Hong Kong International Airport at 11.25 this morning and will be flying to Vancouver at 4.25 pm soon. We are expected to reach Vancouver at 11.30 in the morning of the February 18th, the same day as today, although we take about 12 hours to fly to Vancouver. Wondering why? An astronomist (ahl-falak) could probably tell us the reasons. We are now also wondering when and where will be our maghhrib, isya' and fajr on the air, as our arrival in Vancouver will already be in the morning, but on the same day.

Calling home from Hong Kong International Airport
At the Hong Kong International Airport

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Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah sampai Vancouver dengan selamat.InsyaAllah segala usaha akan diberkatiNYA? Nak tahu why you arrived Vancouver on the same day you left Hong Kong? Don't look for ahl falak. Just a naval officer (excecutive type) will do. Come to tmn harmonis and will explain, with pleasure.