Monday, February 06, 2012


I have written this posting in October last year, but forget to revise and publish it. It is rather out-of-date, but it is beneficial for record and a flashback. It is something to do with the way I spent the Deepavali holiday on Wednesday 26th October 2011.

Taking the opportunity of the holiday to have a little rest, I filled the day with three main activities. Early in the morning I went for a traditional massage at Pokok Sena near Tasek Gelugor, a routine I missed for quite sometimes due to tight workload schedules. The massager who I know for so many years, has his massage `clinic' at his first wife's residence in Penanti every Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and at his second wife's residence in Pokok Sena on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. As usual, I felt so relaxing during the massage and more refreshing after it.

This was followed by having a breakfast at Puncak Mutiara Cafe in Kampong Pelek near Penanti. My wife has heard from her friends about this cafe which serves fresh lambs, chicken, etc. So we decided to go there for our breakfast after the massage. It is located at a hilly area at the end of Kampong Pelek, surrounded by greens. At the most top of the 5 acre area is animal farm consisting of goats, ostrich, and chicken. A little bit below of the hill is the kitchen, followed by eating places and the lowest by fish ponds. According to the owner Haji Abdul Halim, he has about 120 workers, including 12 chefs and 20 cooks. Speciality here is lamb briyani, apart from western and other foods. It could be considered as a little bit exclusive, but it attracts a lot of people although the location is quite remote. The secret is good marketing, I guess, after having a chit-chat with the owner.

Sharing Arab bread with my wife
With the owner of the Puncak Mutiara Cafe, Tuan Haji Abdul Halim
The animal farm of the Cafe
In front of the Cafe
The day was ended with a visit to Borders Bookshop and Swift (Apple Reseller) at Queensbay Mall on the Penang island. I bought four books at the Borders, as in the picture below.
The four books I bought at Borders, Queensbay Mall, Penang

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