Saturday, February 18, 2012


Arriving Vancouver International Airport
Alhamdulillah, we have landed at Vancouver International Airport safely at about 11.20 am on Saturday, 18th February, the same day we departed from Penang, although we have gone through a night on the air and done the maghrib, isyak and fajr prayers on the plane. Malaysia time is a day ahead of Canada. Masha Allah!

By the grace of Allah SWT, our Four Seasons Hotel is a walking distance to a madrasah and an Arab halal food. And by the grace of Allah SWT too, we came to know about both the madrasah and the restaurant when coincidently meeting a local Muslim brother by the name of Toriq on one of the streets while we were looking for halal foods. We were attracted to each other because of our Muslim image. He was in jubah, kopiah and black long beard, while I am, as usual, with white beard and kopiah. Salam exchanged between us and within seconds, we were close friends, Alhamdulillah.

Dinner for us on the first night at Vancouver was kabsha chicken rice and shish kebab at the al-Hardmain Restaurant on the Granville Street.

The Cathay Pacific plane that flied us to Vancouver from Hong Kong

Views from our 23rd floor of the Four Seasons Hotel
With Brother Toriq in front of the Al Hardmain Restaurant
Shish Kebab
Chicken Kabsha
The menu at the Restaurant
Our dinner on the first night at Vancouver
The madrasah near our hotel
Vancouver by night

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