Saturday, September 17, 2011


Eid's celebration is still lingering around, though the Eid has passed for more than two weeks now. On the day before yesterday (Thursday 15th September), there was ISDEV's Eid lunch celebration held in conjunction with the MISDEV Welcoming Session. And yesterday (Friday 16th September), I was with 17 ISDEV members from Malaysia and abroad in three cars, visiting Dr Zahri Hamat's residence in Sungei Petani and Dr Zakaria Bahari's residence in Telok Air Tawar. We were served with the traditional nasi dagang, nasi belauk and akok at Dr Zahri's residence and with soto, lemang, mee soup, nasi himpit, et. cetera at Dr Zakaria's residence. We were back in Penang at the right time for Jumaat prayer.

At Dr Zahri's residence, after the makan-makan
At Dr Zakaria's residence: While we were having our makan-makan, Dr Zakaria supervised Phd Student Suhrawardi

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