Tuesday, September 06, 2011


The article published on 26th August 2011, during Ramadhan in Medan, Indonesia

Today, 6th September, my third day in Jakarta, I received from Dr Warjio in Medan a scanned article of mine on the Muslim Consumption Pattern in Ramadhan (in Malay) published by Waspada Daily.

The argument of the article is simple. I was wondering, do the Muslims eat more or less during the fasting month of Ramadhan? Logically and likely, they eat more, for Ramadhan bazaars are mushrooming during the month with a substantial amount of foods, almost all sold at the end of each day.

But the exact confirmed answer is unknown, unless a systematic research is carried out. However, if the research were to be undertaken, it itself has to adopt an Islamic research methodology, not the conventional one. The former has adequate tools of analysis vis-a-vis the latter. Consumption relates intimately with desires (nafs), and only the former could identify them, diagnose the source and prescribe the solutions.

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