Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Datuk Haji Khairil Anwar Surbakti
While here in Brunei, I got a very surprising SMS from Pak Irfan and later on from Pak Syam in Medan this morning, informing me that ISDEV PhD graduate Datuk Khairil Anwar has passed away early in the morning, possibly due to a heart attack. We have just met him less than two weeks ago, when he was at USM in the Monthly Graduate Supervision on the 15th September. He seemed to be very healthy then.

Datuk Khairil is a hardworking student, rarely missing any of ISDEV Graduate academic meetings either in Penang or Medan, and has completed the first draft of his thesis (except the Conclusion chapter). Everytime ISDEV fraternity were in Medan attending Islamic Development Workshop (WAPI), he never missed to treat them for a dinner at his residence. But definitely Allah SWT loves him more and has taken him this morning. May Allah SWT accepts his study as a jihad fisabilillah and bestows him with rahmah, InshaAllah.

Datuk Khairil Anwar at ISDEV Monthly Graduate Supervision in June 2011
Datuk Khairil is the second ISDEV graduate who passed away in the midst of his study. The first was Pak Wim Ansory of Jakarta. Another ISDEV member who has passed away was Dr Salim of Medan, but only after years of the completion of his PhD. May Allah showers all of them with His mercy and love.

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