Friday, February 15, 2013


As promised, here is a little contemplation on Kelantan politics.

During my trip to Kelantan early this week, I came to understand some simple reasons why pro-PAS Kelantanese are not in favour of the present Federal Government. These reasons were reflected during a dinner at my friend's house, a retired teacher, who hailed from Besut but now living in his wife's hometown in Kelantan. He is not a PAS member, but very keen of Islam, hence in favour of PAS as PAS is viewed as more Islamic than UMNO.

Some of the reasons are as follows:

1. The Prime Minister is not capable of ruling Malaysia. He could not even educate his wife to wear a proper Islamic dress, especially her headgear (tudung).

2. In the history of Islam, the higher the authority one is having, the poorer he is. Unlike many UMNO members who become richer with the authority they hold, the present Kelantan Chief Minister lives in a relatively poor condition.

3. When do the Prime Minister and his Deputy actually work? They are always on the move at the moment, campaigning for UMNO and Barisan Nasional on the pretext of attending formal programmes at all levels.

4. Could the UMNO Chief Minister of Kelantan-to-be recites a prayer (doa) if UMNO wins the 13th General Election? Does he really know and practice Islam? The Kelantanese want an Islamic knowledgeable and practising Muslim leader to manage the State.

5. The Federal Government is depriving Kelantanese by denying Kelantan's right to have petroleum royalty. Instead, the royalty is channeled to the Federal-controlled State's Federal Development Department (Jabatan Pembangunan Persekutuan, JPP) in the form of Wang Ehsan. Though it is for the Kelantanese, it has been used for the benefit of UMNO's political mileage. Such a dissatisfaction is apparent on the road in Kelantan where many cars are having the stickers "R", meaning royalty.

The five reasons may seem to be simple, but they have great impact on the Kelantanese mind, hence their votes. If UMNO is really interested in getting Kelantan, it has to address these reasons seriously.

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