Sunday, February 17, 2013


My apologies. The deliberations on Kelantan and Besut experiences as promised have to be defered a  little bit. I am at De Plama Hotel in Shah Alam at the moment, since yesterday, attending a meeting for Selangor Zakat Council (LZS) to redefine the beneficiaries (asnaf) of zakat for contemporary needs.

To ensure that the redefinitions are within Islamic teachings, they will be forwarded to Selangor Fatwa Council for further deliberations and approval, and eventually realised by the Selangor Zakat Council.

As the redefinitions are still in progress, hence confidential, I could not mention them here. What I could say at this stage is the interesting widening of the definitions to fulfill the contemporary needs of the beneficiaries (asnaf), within the context of contemporary socio-economics problems.

If these redefinitions are approved by the Selangor Fatwa Council, I anticipate an innovative mechanism in maximising the benefits for the asnaf in Selangor. As one of the leading zakat instutitions in Malaysia, Selangor Zakat Council is receptive of any innovation, including the one on decentralisation of zakat management we proposed earlier, which is now already in staggered execution, Ahamdulillah.


Nurbani Md Hassan said...

Can't wait to know about the redefinition!

Muhammad Syukri Salleh said...

Be patient. Pray for us for Allah's guidance so that the redefinitions are constructed according to His will.