Wednesday, February 13, 2013


On request of all my children to have a family retreat outside Penang during the Chinese New Year holidays, we headed for Kelantan last Saturday with a view to come back to my hometown in Besut after that.

During the 5 days in Kelantan and Besut, we enjoyed and learnt a lot of things, from foods to shopping, friendship, effects of tourism, and development politics. The most interesting was the mind set of Kelantanese towards Malaysian Prime Minister and Barisan Nasional which I think should be taken seriously if Barisan Nasional were to take over Kelantan. Secondly was a layman's theory of development, including the destructive effects of tourism on indigenous culture and lifestyle.

Bringing home all the lessons from Kelantan and Besut, we will be leaving for Penang early tomorrow morning, InshaAllah. God willing, I will jot down the notes on the Kelantanese mind set and the layman's development in subsequent postings, InshaAllah.

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