Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Yesterday, I introduced a new activity at ISDEV. It is called Management Tarbiyyah (Tarbiyyah Pengurusan), meant for our academic staff, that is both ISDEV lecturers and Academic Staff Training Scheme Fellows. The objective is to share my experience in teaching, networking, administration, research, and all that are beneficial for further development of ISDEV. The activity would be a monthly activity, InsyaAllah.

The activity is introduced for three reasons. Firstly, my retirement is approaching in about one and a half year time, hence secondly, the urgent necessity to share whatever experience that I have with ISDEV echelons for their guidance in continuing ISDEV works. Thirdly, the ISDEV academic staffs have to be prepared for the upgrading of ISDEV from the present status as virtual centre to the Centre of Excellence as is proposed by the Vice-Chancellor.

In the first Management Tarbiyyah yesterday, I emphasised on the need to protect ourselves from being ignorant. Being in academic world, this is necessary for everyone of us. It could be done by studying, researching, writing, et. cetera. But that is not enough. We need to ask Allah SWT for protection from being ignorant as was done by Prophet Moses AS (Al-Baqarah 2:67), and request for additional knowledge to understand knowledge as was advised by Allah SWT Himself to Rasullullah SAW (Thahaa 20:114).

The Tarbiyyah ended by memorising the doa of both the Prophet Moses AS and Rasulullah SAW, to become our routine, InsyaAllah.

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