Monday, January 14, 2013


Al-Qur'an contains enormous aspects of knowledge, but without the grace of Allah SWT, the knowledge remains as merely knowledge, without being able to understand their meaning, let alone in interpreting them. Even Rasulullah SAW to whom the Qur'an was conveyed to, still seek the ability to understand the knowledge of the Qur'an from Allah SWT. So was Allah SWT taught Rasulullah SAW to recite the doa: Rabbi izni ilman (literally, Oh Allah, please bestow me with additional knowledge to undestand the Qur'an).

It is a mistake therefore to merely seeking knowledge from human beings such as teachers and lecturers, without asking the ability to understand the knowledge from Allah SWT. The teachers and lecturers are just deliverers of knowledge, not the owner of knowledge. To understand the knowledge, one has to ask for an additional knowledge from the Owner Himself, Allah SWT.

That was my main message delivered to graduating ISDEV Master students (MISDEV11) during the Knowledge Blessing Night on the 8th of January last week.

In addition, I also reminded them that in their future journey, there is always a possibility to meet ignorant people who will trouble them with all kinds of questions. In that case, they have to  consistently recite the doa that has been recited by Prophet Moses AS when he was bombarded with a lot of questions by his tribe about the sort of cattle to be sacrificed. Prophet Moses AS recited: 'Auzubillah hi an akuu na minal jaahilin (literally, oh Allah, please protect me from being an ignorant). That should be the consistent doa of a knowledge seeker, irrespective of how learned he is.

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