Thursday, January 31, 2013


I am at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) now, waiting to board 1355 flight back to Penang. I was at Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur since 29th January, fulfilling an invitation to be a panelist of the Plenary Session themed Islamic Economics and Islamic Finance - Challenges and Further Research at the 2nd International Conference on Islamic Economics and the Economies of the OIC Countries, organised by Economic Department of the Kuliyyah of Economics and Management Science of the International Islamic University Malaysia, in collaboration with Malaysian Ministry of Finance, and the Islamic Training and Research Institute (IRTI) of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), Jeddah, Saudi Arab.

As usual, the conference has not only becoming the meeting point of the mind, but also the physical meeting point - meeting with old friends and making new friends.

Great Islamic economic scholars were there. Among them were Prof Savas Alpay (Turkey), Prof Masudul Alam Choudhury (Oman), Prof M. Kabir Hassan (USA), Prof Monzer Kahf (Qatar), Dr Salman Syed Ali (Saudi Arabia), Prof Mehmet Asutay (UK), Prof Habib Ahmed (UK), Dr Abdullah Qurban Turkistani (Saudi Arabia), Prof Asad Zaman (Pakistan), Dr Ali A. Soliman (Egypt), Dr Abul Hassan (UK), Dr Irfan Syauqi Beik (Indonesia), Prof Sayyid Tahir (Malaysia), Dr Mustafa Omar Mohammed (Malaysia), Prof Mohammad Aslam Haneef (Malaysia), Prof Ataul-Haq Pramanik (Malaysia), Prof Abdul Ghafar Ismail (UKM, Malaysia), and Br. Wijdan Tariq (Qatar)

I was really amazed with their knowledge and the ability in presenting the knowledge in a highly presentable manner. One of the strength in them, I observed, is the mastering of the English language. Even though the point presented may be a simple one, but because of their excellent English, the point looks very sophisticated and convincing indeed. I wish I could be like them. So I hope all ISDEV fraternity, InshaAllah.

Another entertaining moment in a conference such as this is when you come to know the scholars that you have come across their names or works before this, and get to know each other for future communication and possible collaboration; or when people you do not know before this come to you, ensuring your name, introducing themselves, telling that they used to hear your name and/or read your publications or blog prior to this, and then establishing networking and/or seeking opinion on issues related to their works. So is when people come to you after your presentation, asking for more opinion, or commenting on the presentation, or at least asking for the paper or power point you have presented as a reflection of their interest in what you have said in the presentation.

But in such a situation, one hard thing to do but really have to force yourself to do it, is the mujahadah so as to protect you from being trapped into the feeling of ujubriyak and egoistic, and passing the praises from them  with thanks to the All Mighty Allah SWT, the deserving Real Owner of whatever accomplishment that one has attained. May Allah SWT ease us in our mujahadah, InshaAllah.

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Nurbani Md Hassan said...

Salam Professor,

You are lucky to have met with the famous Islamic Economic scholars. I read most of their papers and cited them in my article. Obviously, must be a lot of knowledge sharing between you and the scholars. Anyway, have a safe journey back to Penang.