Thursday, May 27, 2010


Congratulatory and  Welcoming Banner at PJ IIUM campus

After considering three offers - from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), and Matriculation in Kulim - Akif eventually chooses to join IIUM, to pursue his study in Physical Sciences. He wishes he could be an engineer later on, InshaAllah.

Definitely we are happy with and thankful to God for his successful endeavour. But we really sympathise with him for our inability to be with him during the registration day at IIUM (Petaling Jaya campus) on the 15th May 2010. Both me and his mother were away in Jeddah.

 Akif during the registration
 Auntie Nor Liza, while Akif talking to his friends on the background

Fortunately his Auntie Nor Liza, elder sister Afirah and my colleague Dr Fadzila Azni Ahmad were able to accompany him from Penang and managed all his necessities before, during and after the registration.

This is the first time that I and my wife were not able to send off our children whenever they move to a new educational institution. However, I know that Akif is both physically and spiritually strong. He is a tae-kwan-do black belt holder and was blessed by Allah s.w.t with an opportunity to perform umrah for seven times during his one and a half month stay with us in Jeddah. I am convinced that Akif has been able to face our absence easily, InshaAllah.

Akif wrote in his blog []: "IPT: It ain`t just about study. It's about life".

 Another banner

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