Monday, March 16, 2015


How fast time, hence eras of one's life, has passed by.

My staff cards above are self-explanatory. They began with a long-haired just-registered young lecturer in 1981, followed by religiously-conscious don (1983-1994), and finally retired matured slave of Allah SWT in 2014.

Though trying to continously serve the University, the status is now no more permanent. It is instead on a three-year contract basis (2014-2017). What will happen next is full of uncertainty. Only Allah SWT knows best, but the service to Islam and the ummah, with the help of Allah SWT, should not have been ceased with this uncertainty.

The elder dons with thick spectacles, and sometimes helped with magnifiers and sticks, reading in the 'haunted' Bodlein Library of the Oxford University always remind me of how knowledge is oceanic, and one should not have stopped in digging and disseminating them.

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