Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Yesterday, Alhamdulillah, presented a paper entitled "Contemporary Islamic Values Revisited" at The 3rd International Conference on Islamic Values in a Changing World, at Prince of Songkla University, Pattani.

The paper attempts to revisit the state of contemporary Islamic values, especially in their present usage. The contemporary Islamic values seem to have been molded by the needs and trends of the changing world, while their usage seems to be meant more of worldly pursuit rather the pursuit of the world Hereafter, let alone the balance between the two. Based on a library research, this paper observes four factors that are attributable to the shaping of the contemporary Islamic values. They are the intentional or unintentional efforts of firstly universalizing, secondly realigning, thirdly accommodating, and fourthly ‘scientificing’ the Islamic values.

These are the factors that are believed to have entailed with the present form of the Islamic values. If this form of Islamic values were to be adopted in developing guidelines for a meaningful peace and harmony amongst various civilizations and mankind, it may mean an effort that is based on an incomprehensive meaning of the Islamic values, hence an imprecise diagnose and prescription of the problems of civilization.

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