Tuesday, September 24, 2013


For the past 6 days, I am in Europe. The first  4 nights were spent in Rome, while since yesterday, I am in Paris. At the moment I am in the Air France Premeire Lounge at the Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport, waiting to board for MAS flight back to Malaysia.

A lot of experience have been collected in both countries. It is too many to note them now here, but suffice to jote down a few. First, Rome is an historical city with historic building, hence becoming a tourist city. Except at the Termini Statioze (Bus Station), you do not really feel alien as they are a lot of foreign tourists from all over the world there. Second, there are a lot of Malay speaking Bangladeshi (who have been working in Malaysia, Singapore or Brunei before) selling tourist items. Thirdly, there is a big mosque in Rome but seems to be under-utilized and not well-kept. Fourthly, the organiser of the 3rd International Conference on Human and Social Sciences which I participated is relatively not too efficient as there were only a handful of them in-charged of the whole Conference. The themes of the Conference were also so vast and diversed, difficult for you to choose the papers you want to really hear. The participants however came from all over the globe, from Europe to Africa and Asia. Fifthly, the cost of living is so high. A plate of beryani rice costs you €6 (about RM30).

Enough for now. I am boarding now. Will continue later, InshaAllah.

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Ahmad Sabri Osman said...

Bestnya Prof. dapat pi Europe. Prof. present paper ke? Sekarang ni musim apa ye? Prof. tak pi melawat ke Turki ke?