Monday, May 06, 2013


What a coincidence. I was in Kedah on the eve of and on the polling day itself, and Kedah has been won back by the BN. It is the only state amongst the PR-ruled sates (Kelantan, Selangor and Penang) that falls back to BN in this GE13.

However, I realised that I could not be a good political analysist. Based on the visibility of the PR, and especially PAS supporters on the road in Alor Setar during the GE13, I anticipate a bleak future for BN. But the result of the poll proves that I am wrong. BN won in spite of its invisibility on the road.

To the new ruler of Kedah - especially the Chief Minister Datuk Mukhriz - I appeal that anything Islamic that have been done by the previous government - to be continued, though as minor as the Islamic dress code. I was told by a waitress in the hotel I stayed that hotel workers were forced to have a free hair during the previous BN rule, before PAS-ruler make it compulsory for them to cover their aurat properly. So is the availability of alcohol at the hotel. It was not allowed in the hotel anymore during the PAS rule.

If you, Datuk Mukhriz, sustain such an `Islamicity', and moreover enhance Islam in the State, I firmly believe that Allah SWT will help you in governing the state, and sustain your power , InshaAllah.

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