Sunday, May 05, 2013


I believe some of the PAS supporters in Alor Setar did not sleep last night. I was awakened  many times by the noise of cars and motorcycles with their sound of horns, and twice by the siren of police cars. It was really a lively night, but a little bit scary.

Earlier when driving around the town to observe the GE13 atmosphere, my family and I witnessed a lot of mostly youngsters on motorcycles and cars with PAS flags roaming around the town. Some of them have a rest by gathering at junctions of roads and sounding their horns whenever their counterparts passed through, before they themselves do their re-roaming. Luckily, other parties' supporters, especially BN were almost non-existent.

I pray that GE13 today goes smoothly and safely. It is an important event as Malaysians are to choose between certainty and uncertainty, between ability and inability.

BN vowed to continue its rule with some extent of certainty and has proved its ability to rule, while PR has yet to rule fully and has yet to prove its ability, hence the uncertainty. In some PR-ruled states, its ability is much to be desired. But even if BN continues to rule, the first lady has to be more motherly like the previous one, and more Islamic, while over-generosity and over-development has to be stopped. If PR rules, moral values have to be revived (for PKR), sense of racism has to be avoided (for DAP), and professionalism has to be ensured (for PAS).

We really need Allah to decide for us the right ruler for our lovely Malaysia indeed.

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