Sunday, November 25, 2012


In my Director's Tazkirah entitled Tribulations delivered at the ISDEV Monthly Graduate Supervision last Friday (23 November 2012), two statements came out of my speech spontaneously, without me planning them. The first was a philosophical statement I quoted from an Hindustani film that our task is to forgive, but not to seek forgiveness. The second was a tawhidic statement that all ISDEV fraternity should fear Allah SWT, not to fear their superiors.

What I meant to stress in the first statement relates to the necessity to minimise the making of mistakes so as to allow an avoidance of paving a way for seeking forgiveness. This is not to deny the impossibility of not making mistake at all and ask for forgiveness whenever the mistake is made. It rather stresses on not having a habit of making consistent mistakes intentionally or unintentionally just because there is a room for seeking forgiveness. In a nutshell, one, especially ISDEV fraternity, should avoid making mistakes as far as possible so as to allow a maximum perfection to prevail in every deeds one is taken. And definitely, only whenever mistake is made after such a dedicated endeavour, seeking forgiveness is necessary.

In the second statement, I wanted to emphasise that all assignments and tasks of all ISDEV fraternity must be regarded as assignments and tasks from Allah SWT, for ISDEV is an institution that strives to uphold the words of Allah SWT. One therefore has to treat all assignments and tasks as serious, and maximise the efforts in carrying them out to attain a highly successful result so that a good image of Islam in the eyes of all - Muslims and non-Muslims - is created. The real driven force for this is Allah SWT, not the superiors such as  the Director, lecturers, et cetera. If ISDEV fraternity undertake the assignments and tasks just because they are afraid of  their superiors (read human beings), I am afraid they would be trapped into syirk (the sin of idolatry or polytheism). If this is the case, ISDEV will be broken into dust, for there would not be the help and  love of Allah SWT anymore. Instead, ISDEV would become the enemy of Allah SWT.

Oh Allah, please protect us.

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BILLCORP said...

Alhamdulillah,very technical learning exposure me and my group obtained with regard to your supervision Prof Syukri for the Inter-Ethnic Relation subject.May Allah bless you Here and Thereafter in continuation of sophisticated struggle.Glad to have an opportunity to be supervised personally by you Prof even though it is delicate in the first place. Nevertheless the experience and detailing you enlighten us are going to be very useful.In Sya Allah.
Md Nabil