Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This is a story about a Chinese man who believes in One God with many emphases. I met him when `Akif had a minor accident in the USM campus with his daughters a few days ago. I went  to settle the case at the Pantai Hospital where his daughters were admitted. With me were Ustaz Khairul who became my insurance advisor, Ustaz Shahir who became my religious advisor to ensure that I would not oppress the Chinese man in the dealing, and Taariq, representing `Akif who was having a night lecture.

By profession the Chinese man is a counselor, but at the same time he is also a pastor. According to him, he preaches at churches of all Christian sects, except Roman Catholic churches. The difference between the sects, he says, just lies on the different emphasis. The Roman Catholic emphasises on Maryam (Jesus' Mother), while other sects emphasise on Jesus himself. So is Islam, he contended; it emphasises on Prophet Muhammad SAW. In actuality, all religions believe in One God, the same God, he believes. That was one of the reasons why he went to preach at all churches other than the Roman Catholic.

After listening to his long lecture, I asked a little question. If he believes in One God and goes around to Christian religion of all sects, why he is depriving himself by not studying and going to Islam? He was shocked but excited. The discussion suddenly changed from preaching at churches to how he could start to learn about Islam. Alhamdulillah.

In the car on our way back home, we recalled how privileged we were to deal with a talkative person like the Chinese man. While listening to his long lecture, we have an ample time to plan our thinking that could lead him to a more beneficial destination, even with only a sentence. For that I agreed to pay him RM 700 as he requested to settle the accident. Making a person to think, and hopefully to learn about and moreover to embrace Islam is much more precious than the RM 700, In sha Allah.

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