Monday, December 12, 2011


Just arrived home last night after attending a meeting since Saturday 10th till Sunday 11st December at Concorde, Kuala Lumpur. The meeting was aimed to design an academic programme for an intended newly-established post-graduate university to be named Universiti Islam Malaysia, initiated by the Majlis Raja-Raja of Malaysia.

We came to an agreement on designing an integrated trans-disciplinary academic programme, inextricably combining natural and social sciences within authentic Islamic epistemological and philosophical paradigm, that is able to produce Quranic, Sunnatic, Encyclopedic and Ijtihadic students at graduate level.

The meeting was chaired by the Academic Committee Chairman of the University's Board Prof. Dato' Dr Ismail bin Ibrahim, and attended by the University's Board Chairman Tan Sri Dr Mohd Yusof Noor, Management Chief Datuk Dr Abdul Monir bin Yaacob, former Rector of the International Islamic University Tan Sri Professor Muhammad Kamal Hassan, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of INTI International University Professor Datuk Dr Ibrahm bin Bajunid, IKIM Deputy Director Professor Datin Dr Azizan binti Baharudin, Kolej Islam Malaya Member of Trustees Lt. Jen. Dato' Seri Abdul Ghani bin Abdul Aziz (B), myself and one each from University of Malaya, Insaniah College University, ISRA, and UiTM.

Meeting in progress
The participants
Informal discussion with Tan Sri Dr Mohd Yusof Noor and Lt. Jen. Dato' Seri Abdul Ghani bin Abdul Aziz (B)

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mizcurrent said...

Assalamualaikum Prof,
I am extremely interested on the setting up new islamic uni (UIM).. Im keep searching the info on the progress and hope will be one of the organisation. It seem you are one of them who setting up the uni. Would like to know more info on the progress.. Hope you will update your blog on the progress. :)

May Allah bless all who in charge to setup the islamic uni. which more focus on the researching mode.