Monday, October 18, 2010


Tha banner of the Wisata Spiritual Tsunami Aceh
One of the main missions to Aceh on the 9th until 12th October was to visit tsunami-affected locations with the view to share the suffering of the victims, feel the greatness of Allah swt, and observe how post-tsunami Aceh has been reconstructed. All these were to relate to the Islamic tasawur as is thought in Islamic Epistemology and Tasawur course taken by the ISDEV Master (Mixed Mode) students, who were also the organizers of the trip.

The tsunami-affected locations visited and other activities related to the Wisata Spiritual Tsunami are reflected in the following photos.
The bus that ferried us around Aceh
At Masjid Raya which was saved by Allah swt from the tsunami
At one of the mass graveyards accommodating around 146,000 tsunami victims
A boat that trapped on the second floor of one of the houses during tsunami and saved 59 lives
In front of Mesjid Baiturrahman, another mosque miraculously saved by Allah swt in spite of its short distance from the sea and the area around it was devastated tremendously
Entrance to the grave of one of the great Islamic scholars in Aceh, Syiah Kuala
The grave of Syiah Kuala which was not affected by the tsunami although very near to the sea and the surroundings were destroyed by tsunami almost completely
`Kapal Terapong' (Floating Ship), originally an off-shore electrical supplier, brought by tsunami kilometres away to the land
ISDEV normal practice: Congregational fajr prayer at students' accommodation at the Mess Bank Indonesia
Another ISDEV normal tradition: Tazkirah after every congregational prayers
Reflection on the Wisata Spiritual Tsunami before leaving back for Penang
Another reflection by brothers

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