Sunday, April 04, 2010


Yesterday, tried to open an account in the Facebook, as it seems so popular amongst many, from children to Prime Ministers. Frustratingly, it was so messy and hectic, with various photos I did not recognised and messages I could not understand because of acronyms, wrong spelling and "ununderstandable", trivial and personalised issues expressed. It is indeed a social link, a very open and exposed social link that denies privacy and serious thinking. Even if you and your group engage with discourses on serious and thoughtful issues, it could be interrupted by trivial and individualistic messages of others who are linked to one of the members of your group, so I was told by my children. I could feel my dislike of the facebook, and thinking to get back to this blog, though I have left it for more than three years for various reasons, one of which is the limitation of time. The only useful thing to use the Facebook, I am thinking aloud, is just to follow and monitor the discussions of my children with their cyber friends.