Sunday, April 11, 2010


Apart from meeting old friend by coincidence, I have also making many new friends in Jeddah. Amongst them, at the Islamic Development Bank alone, are as in the photos. They are my close friends here that ease my daily life and make me a happy stay, beside my academic and professional counterparts that care and answer my intellectual enquiries as well as enrich my knowledge and experience.

Brother Khaleed who ferried me and family from King Abdul Aziz International Airport to the Grand Golden Mecure Hotel when we arrived and from the Hotel to to my IDB office for the first few days and from the Hotel to my present apartment when we moved
 Brother Yusuf Kawadis who fulfills my logistic needs
Brother Abdul Kareem Hafiz who helps me finding my present apartment and ensures that it is near his apartment so that he could provide me a ride in his car to office everyday 
Brother Fathi the library officer who introduces me to other librarians that apparently eases my usage of the IDB library
Brother Ibrahim, a messenger who is always ready to help me
Brother Muhammad the tea boy who never hesitate to provide me with drinks whenever I need one
Brother Shinsuke Nagaoka of Japan, Visiting Researcher from Kyoto University who together with me are given a ride by Brother Abdul Kareem to our office everyday
Brother Yassin, a Somalian born officer who helps me to install my computer and internet