Sunday, September 28, 2014


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The participants
After 3 days coming home from Aceh, I flew to Bandung on August 19 for another occasion.

This time is to fulfill an invitation from Universitas Islam Bandung (UNISBA) to talk on "The Principles of Islamic-Based" at The Training of Islamic Development Economics. Together with me was ISDEV Deputy Director Dr Zakaria Bahari.

Apart from participating in the Training, we had also a chance to have a meeting on an Islamic Development Bank research project on Islamic Sustainable Development, attended a dinner hosted by UNISBA's Rector at his residence, visited Darut Tauhid which is famous of its Heart (Qolbu) Management approach that led to a successful business achievements, and met Erin Ramadhan, my former student who is now a successful businesss man, especially as a t-shirt supplier.

Delivering the talk
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The IDB project team (from right): Dr Hakimi of Universitas Kebangsaan Malaysia and Dr Atih Rohaeti Dariah of UNISBA (leader) after the meeting at Wisma Dago. Present also was Dr Zakaria Bahari
Dinner hosted by UNISBA's Rector Prof Dr dr Taufiq M. Boesoiri (right) and his wife (left) at their residence at Jalan Setra Murni 4, Sukasari - Sarijadi, Bandung
Discussion with AA Gym, the founder-leader of the Darut Tauhid
With Erin Ramadhan (left) at his t-shirt printing gallery
Flying home on August 23, 2014

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