Thursday, July 10, 2014


I involved in two vivas today. The first, in the morning, as an internal examiner of a PhD student outside ISDEV. The second, in the afternoon, as a main supervisor of a PhD student of ISDEV. In these two occasions, I experienced two different atmospheres.

In the morning, the student came alone with lonely face. Nobody accompanied him. The viva was held in a small room, enough for seven persons (the Board of Examiners) plus the student. The student passed, but with Scale 2, with a quite number of corrections and additions to be made.

In the afternoon, the student was accompanied by more than 30 people, consisting of not only ISDEV students, but also ISDEV lecturers. The viva was held in a big conference room to accommodate them, and the student passed with flying colours (Scale 1 and the thesis was agreed by the Board of Examiners to be nominated for Awards), with only minor correction.

I realised then that the atmosphere of the viva of an ISDEV student is different from the others. It is more merriful, more lively, more confident, and apparently more successful, Alhamdulillah. Prior to the viva, ISDEV members perform solat-ul hajat for the student, and if it is not in Ramadhan, they will hold thankful feast after the viva. That is one of the uniquenesses of ISDEV.

This year - up to the most recent viva this afternoon alone - ISDEV has produced eight PhD students, all passed with Scale 1 and nominated for Award. Two more are waiting for the viva which will be held at any time now, while at least another two are submitting their theses. All in all, this year ISDEV will InshaAllah produce 12 PhD students - an average of one per month - plus 36 Master Mixed Mode students, totalling 48 students alltogether, Alhamdulillah.

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