Wednesday, July 04, 2012


An article of mine entitled "Rethinking Wealth Management: An Islamic Preliminary View" has just appeared in the International Journal of Business and Social Science, Vol.3, No.13, July 2012, p.232-236. It could be accessed via 

The article attempts to rethink about the contemporary state of the wealth management by deliberating an Islamic view on the method, the target, and the stance of the wealth management. Specifically, the paper deals with three following questions. Firstly, how is Islamic way of managing wealth? Secondly, what are the target that actually should be managed, the man who is wealthy and who manage the wealth or the wealth itself? And thirdly, are all human beings should be wealthy? The deliberation comes to a conclusion that an Islamic wealth management should emerge from its own distinctive philosophical and epistemological underpinnings; the target should not only the wealth but also, moreover, the actors of the wealth management, that is the wealthy and the managers of the wealth; and wealthiness is indeed involving a selective process - not all human beings should be wealthy, hence the necessity for an identification method in the selection of the wealthy-to-be.

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