Monday, August 01, 2011


With my wife on the birthday eve, 31 July 2011
I am 57 years old today - 1st August 2011 - the very first day Muslims all over the globe began to fast. Indeed, it is really a bless from Allah SWT, the bless that logically would not come again for the rest of my life: Ist Ramadhan 1432 = 1st August 2011 = My 57th birthday.

Birthday wishes from family members, colleagues, students and friends in Malaysia and abroad shower my email, sms and facebook. It is mainly the facebook that discloses the date of my birth to the majority of them.

Birthday lunch treatment on the eve of my birthday, a day before Ramadhan begins
Birthday lunch treatment was also held at Batu Feringghi Bayview Hotel by a colleague-cum-former student  on the eve of the day.

Thank you all for the wishes, doa, and treatment.

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