Sunday, May 01, 2011


New publications by ISDEV members

On books again.

On 24-25 May 2011, USM School of Humanities with the co-operation of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka will hold a Manuscript Procument Workshop (Bengkel Perolehan Manuskrip). I am glad that 19 ISDEV members, consisting of lecturers, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Fellows of Academic Staff Training Scheme, graduate students and ISDEV alumni, have agreed to my encouragement to participate in the Workshop.

If each of them come up with a book manuscript from this Workshop, ISDEV will in the near future, God willing, has 19 books produced by its members, based on their respective researches. These would be a significant addition to the 20 edited books to be produced from working papers of ISDEV international conferences held for the past three years. Four titles of these 20 books are already in the consideration of two prominent publishers. Another three books by ISDEV members, plus a journal, have just been published (picture). The titles are as follows:

1. The Management of Knowledge, Economy & Development edited by Fadzila Azni Ahmad, Zakaria Bahari & Roselee Shaharuddin
2. The Management Methods of Islamic Development Institutions in Malaysia by Fadzila Azni Ahmad
3.Zakat Transformation - From Subsistence to Productive Zakat edited by Muhammad Syukri Salleh, Mohamad Salleh Abdullah & Zahri Hamat
4. Journal of Islamic Development Politics co-published by ISDEV, Universitas Utara & Universitas Medan Area, Indonesia

I firmly believe that knowledge advocated by ISDEV could be disseminated to a wider audiences, and ISDEV itself would be known widely, through writings. Writing is indeed a tradition of a knowledgeable, moreover a normal practice of a leader. Without writings, ISDEV would not be able to consider itself as a knowledgeable centre, let alone a leading institution. ISDEV members therefore must continously write and write and write.

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