Friday, February 18, 2011


Muhammad Tahir (sitting 2nd left) with his Board of Examiners
Before embarking on the photographic records of my activities since my time at USIM in November-December 2010, here is an urgent happy news I need to record.

Muhammad Tahir, another PhD student of mine, like his predecessor Dr Ahmad Azrin Adnan, has also passed his PhD with flying colours. His Board of Examiners at a viva voce held on 10th February 2011 has unanimously agreed to nominate him for USM's Best Thesis Award (Persada Kencana Award). The title of his thesis is The Methods and Practice of Tazkiyyah An-Nafs in Islamic-Based Development: A Case Study of Koperasi Pesanteren (KOPENTREN) Darul Tauhiid, Bandung, Indodnesia.

Alhamduilllah and congratulation Muhammad Tahir.

ISDEV brothers wishing good luck to Muhammad Tahir after a special solatul-hajat held shortly before his viva
ISDEV brothers and sisters offering thankful prayer immediately after knowing the excellent success of Muhammad Tahir
Thankful feast hosted by ISDEV at the end of the occasion

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