Sunday, August 01, 2010


With my wife at the `birthday dinner'

It is my 56th birthday today, 1 August 2010. Last night, a former student of mine has treated me and my family for a `birthday dinner' at a prestigious hotel. Starting from midnight, call and sms as well as fb messages came in from children, relative and student wishing me `happy birthday' accompanied by all sorts of very nice doa. It was really a lovely and joyful evening. Many thanks to all wishers.

And on the very day of my birthday today, together with 48 ISDEV lecturers and graduate students, I am flying to Medan, Indonesia to fulfill various invitations: to deliver a keynote address at Worksyop Antarabangsa Pembangunan Berteraskan Islam Ke-3 (WAPI3) on 2 August, to participate in a Phd Proposal Presentation on 3 August, to be a panel speaker at International Seminar on Islamic Development Management on 4 August,  and to have an  intellectual tour to Lake Toba on 5-6 August. We will be back to Penang only on the 7 August, InshaAllah.

Our entourage will be joined by about 15 more ISDEV Indonesian graduate students residing in Medan. This is not included about 20 more ISDEV graduate students in Penang who are not able to join us.

Calculating the number of ISDEV members and programmes that grows day by day would definitely make you some how or rather happy and thankful. But is this the only accomplishment that I manage to attain during 56 years of my age?

Such a contemplation is worrying indeed, for I know that I have not done enough for Allah swt, as is compared to my age. There are a lot more that I have not done, and therefore need to do during the coming days/years of my life.

Allah, forgive me and please help me to do more.

With youngest child, Ummu Habibah at the dinner

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