Sunday, November 12, 2006


On 28 October 2006, my family and I had a surprise Hari Raya visit from my third sister and family from Ipoh. The group consists of nearly 20 people - adults and children: sons & daughters & in-laws & grand-children - plus a family of my nephew (son of my second sister) from Jitra, Kedah who joined in after knowing the coming of the group from Ipoh, totalling altogether about 30 people gathering at my house in Gelugor, Penang.

What a surprise and joyous moment!

Some of the family members

We had serabai and roti jala from Taman Tun Sardon's market immediately after they arrived. For lunch we had specially-ordered home-made nasi kandar from Bayan Lepas. Dinner were with pasembur and sotong bakar and kangkong rebus at Padang Kota, after visiting Little India for some spices and Pasar Chowrasta for some jeruk as well as after saying maghrib prayer at Masjid Jalan Prangin.

Spice shop, Little India

Jeruk tasting at Chowrasta Market

Pasembur and sotong bakar at Padang Kota

They left after the dinner by taking night ferry to the mainland, arriving back in Ipoh at about 12.00 a.m., so their sms said.

I am noting this down as this is indeed a rare occasion. Mine is the only family living here in the north (apart from the nephew in Jitra). We were seldom being visited by close families, moreover as many as this one, as most of them are living in the Klang Valley, including the children of my sister who visited us. During the gathering, we came to know that even my nephew in Jitra will be moving to the Klang Valley early next year, leaving mine alone in the north!

I was wondering, will my children - all of whom are still schooling in Penang - eventually also be attracted to the Klang Valley for work, hence leaving only both of us - me and my wife, perhaps at that time already retired - in Penang? Only God knows the best...

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masterofnone said...

First of all, let me take the honour of being the first person to leave a comment here. Clap, clap, clap to myself! I must say, that so far, this is by far an awesome achievement compared to my own effort *sigh*. Only manage to write a page or two b4 I completely forgotten the address of my blog; yes u guess it rite, let alone its password! How I wish I was there on that Penang outing but my poor self needs some time to adjust back to the huzz buzz of kl life after a week break and reaccustomed my taste bud to the tasteless mamak foods and super sweet teh tarik, else I wont survive the coming days of life naik turun lrt - office - naik turun lrt for the ensuing week! Oklah... nonsense aside, actually I was working on to get a placement to further my study - which means a break from the routine! Dgn izin Allah (-:. Err hopefully these words would sounds apologetical enough for you to forgive me (-:. Trust me, you now have an avid reader! After all, you are the only Ayah Su that I have. "For life little treasures lies in everyday life" go blogger!