Saturday, June 28, 2014


Ramadhan is coming tomorrow. I take this opportunity to wish all a blessed Ramadhan. May Allah SWT bestow us with mercy, forgiveness and freedom, InshaAllah.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


In conjunction with the upgrading of ISDEV to a Research Centre of Excellence since 17 April 2014, I was given an opportunity to speak at Vice-Chancellor-Staff Monthly Gathering on 12 June 2014 at University Conference Hall.

I deliberated on the journey ISDEV has gone through since the outset of the endeavour in 1981 - from tribulations, method, approach, and the accomplishments.

Also speaking at the occasion were the Vice-Chancellor Prof Dato' Omar Osman himself, Director of Research Creativity and Management Office (RCMO) Dr Lee Keat Teong, and Assistant Administrator (Accounting Management Section, Bursary) Encik Mohd Adnan Yahaya.

Present were Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students Affairs and Development) Prof Adnan Husein, Registrar Siti Zubaidah A. Hamid, Deans, Heads of Departments, and supporting staff of various departments.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


On 4th till 9th May, I was in Medan, Indonesia with USM Vice-Chancellor and 70 ISDEV members. The trip was the 7th annual ISDEV official visit to Medan.

In this trip, 7 missions have been accomplished. Firstly was the signing of the MoU with Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU); secondly, presenting a key paper at the 6th International Conference on Islamic Development (ICID 2014); thirdly, participating in the 7th International Islamic Development Workshop (WAPI 2014); fourthly, delivering a speech at UMSU's Public Lecture; fifthly, holding a meeting on Islamic Sustainable Development Research Project; sixthly, visiting Pesantren Raudhatul Hasanah; and seventhly, leading an academic expedition to Brestagi.

Pictures below show those activities.

Some of  ISDEV entourage with Vice-Chancellor Prof Dato' Omar Osman (middle) at the departure hall of the Penang International Airport
Daily congregrational maghrib and fajr prayers followed by tazkirah in Medan (Hotel Madani)
Vice-Chancellor Prof Dato' Omar Osman delivering a Fajr Tazkirah
USM-UMSU signing of the MoU by USM Vice-Chancellor Prof Dato' Omar Osman (middle) and Rector of UMSU Dr Agussani (left), after seven years of ISDEV-UMSU cooperation. I signed as a witness.
Presenting a paper on "Transforming Halal Economic Lifestyle" at 6th International Conference on Islamic Development (ICID 2014), co-organised by ISDEV and UMSU
Delivering a talk on "Exemplary in Learning" at UMSU Public Lecture
Meeting with Dr Atih of Bandung Islamic University (right) and Dr Hakimi of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (left) - the research team on Islamic Sustainable Development led by Dr Atih. The research project is sponsored by Islamic Development Bank
Visiting Pesantren Raudhatul Hasanah - an amazing self-reliant private Islamic Religious School
At pick-your-own strawberry farm in Brestagi
Th winners of Dr Suhrawardi Award 2014 - the Best Paper Award at the 7th International Workshop on Islamic Development (WAPI 2014) - (left to right) Sayyiditina Aishah and Nur Afifah (Master category), the widow of Dr Suhrawardi Ibu Latipah, and Mohd Syahmir and Mohd Syakir (PhD category)
A memorable posting of ISDEV lecturers with Vice-Chancellor Prof Dato' Omar Osman during a dinner at Wong Solo Restaurant